Thinture multiple speed limiter


Team Revitsone is always excited to take-up innovative & challenging projects. In the past few years, we have done some incredible projects. It was fun, when our team went for a joy ride on a toy train, at Cubbon park, Bangalore for the testing of RADAR system for locomotives and even when the team mates wander through the vastness of Ujjain Kumbh Mela for the personal tracking project. We feel extremely proud to see our products work in the field. 



     Headquartered in New York, USA, Weinber INC is the frontline manufacturers of Lubricants, Car Care, Detailing and Surface Protective Coating products.  Weinber has a range of premium quality nano ceramic coating, polishes, compounds, waxes, fuel & oil additives and degreasers. 

RAIS-140 - IRNSS Vehicle tracking system


 REVITSONE IRNSS/GPS based vehicle tracker is designed as per CADC Specifications & automotive standards. The product is approved by ARAI as per AIS140 . RevitsOne ​is focused on Artificial intelligence and Machine learning related to fleet management.



Speed recorder & limiter is an advanced form of normal speed limiter device. This device can act as a data logger also. In countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda, Governments made it mandatory to have speed recorders on all public transport vehicles.

CORSA - Personal Air Sanitiser


  CORSA1 by RevitsOne is the most innovative and advanced personal

air sanitizer in the market. It is equipped with a four stage air filtering process. Primary foam filter, UltraViolet air treatment chamber, actuated carbon filter and finally HEPA filter.



RevitsOne technologies Pvt Ltd, designs and manufactures automotive & Industrial control systems. For many years, the company was focusing on vehicle control systems, such as Road speed limiter, GPS / IRNSS based tracking and control system, CAN based vehicle health monitoring etc. Due to the adverse effect of the recent pandemic, which has affected the automotive segment, we have diversified our expertise to other sectors also, majorly water and air quality monitoring systems.